Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness ....

Joseph H. Pilates

Our Instructors

Melissa Clark
Owner/Certified Pilates Instructor- Certified through the internationally recognized Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado, Melissa began teaching Pilates in 2000 and completed her certification in 2003. She recently completed The Pilates Center of Boulder's Masters Instructor Program. She has also received additional training through The Moving Center of Boulder, Colorado & Michele Larsson of Core Dynamics Pilates. As a member of the Pilates Method Alliance she has had the opportunity to study with various other master instructors at the PMA annual conferences. Melissa's lifelong love of fitness brought her to Pilates in 1996 where she discovered a wonderful balance and core strength that had been missing in other forms of exercise. What started as a hobby turned into a passion and Melissa decided to pursue teacher training. She has taught at various locations in the St. Louis area ever since. Melissa has a degree in Accounting and spent over 10 years working as an accountant, auditor and financial manager, specializing in healthcare and education. She is thrilled to be able to combine her love of Pilates with her education & skills in business to open Clayton Pilates Studio.

Diana Akers

Diana’s athletic background includes playing soccer, basketball and volleyball, weight training and walking/running.  She began doing Pilates in 2004 and quickly fell in love with all the benefits Pilates offers; for your mind and spirit, as well as for your body.  After much encouragement from several of her teachers, including Melissa Clark, Diana began The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado’s prestigious Pilates teacher training program in September 2006.  She found the program to be both challenging and life-changing.  Diana became a graduate from the Pilates Center in January, 2009.  Her passion for health shines through in her challenging classes and privates, which focus on Pilates’ principles including breath, proper alignment and uniform development.  She is constantly curious about the body and spends her free time learning all she can about the body and movement.  She loves how, as her students learn from her, she learns from them.  She has experienced for herself how practicing Pilates everyday improves one’s overall mood, health and body and enjoys having the opportunity to spread all that is Pilates!  Diana studied Chemical Engineering at Washington University and is currently in business development at Jost Chemical; and teaches Pilates part-time in the evenings and weekends.


Katherine Dalzell

Katie began her dance training in the Kansas City area but didn't fully recognize her passion until she enrolled in the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri- Kansas City. It was the intense training and extreme workouts that put a stress on her body at the age of 18. While attending the Ailey school in New York City- Katie received Pilates sessions as an alternative to rehabilitate a stressed back. She found immediate gratification and freedom from the Pilates Method and sought out more Pilates training when she returned to Kansas City. Just a few months after her first Pilates class, Katie had enrolled in a teacher training through Team-Pilates(R), a Balanced Body affiliate headed by Angelie Melzer. Katie had the privilage to study directly under Angelie in Kansas City, Albuquerque and Colorado Springs. Katie is certified through Team Pilates (R) and Pilates Method Alliance. Pilates has been a great cross-training technique for dancers and has proved so as with Katie and her professional dance Career. Thanks to Pilates training Katie has been able to be a smart and strong dancer which she hopes leads to many years moving and dancing without pain.

Rachel Garavaglia
Coming soon....

Cameron Gregory

Cameron was certified as a Pilates Instructor in 2004 through Michele Larsson's Core Dynamics Pilates program.  She has also completed multiple continuing education workshops with Michele Larsson as well as the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.  Initially, she started practicing Pilates as an alternate form of exercise that could challenge her physically as well as continue rehabbing a knee injury.  She felt a connection with the method instantly, and was hooked.  Cameron is most invigorated by her ongoing discoveries about the wide ranging applications of the Pilates method for so many different bodies of all ages and types.  She enjoys working with a broad spectrum of clients to help them on their journey to physical fitness, freedom from pain and general wellbeing.  When Cameron is not in the studio, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons as well as being in the outdoors whenever possible.

Susan Ivanowski

Susan Ivanowski became a Pilates teacher in 2011 when she graduated from the world-renowned Pilates Center Advanced Teacher Training Program. The Pilates Center, located in Boulder, Colorado, was established in 1990 by sisters Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel. The sisters trained in New York City at The Pilates Studio and were certified by Romana Kryzanowska, heir to the classical tradition of Joseph Pilates. Susan trained personally with Amy & Rachel during the rigorous training program, completing 900+ hours of teacher training. The teacher training program at The Pilates Center has been labeled "The Harvard of Pilates Teacher Training Programs." Prior to the completion of her training, Susan worked as as ACE certified personal trainer for 6 years. Additionally, Susan earned a B.A. in English & Film Studies from the University of Missouri in Columbia in 2004.

Susan first tried Pilates in 2009 and was immediately hooked. An avid triathlete and marathon runner, she found that Pilates balanced her body and gave her the flexibility & core strength she needed to excel in her sports. Since beginning Pilates, Susan has not lifted weights a single time, yet is stronger & more fit than ever. Today she works with a wide variety of clientele to improve posture, mobility, flexibility, and strength. She strives to empower her clients, by providing them with the tools to take control of their physical selves and improve the quality of their own lives. Susan is inspired to share the method with others to lead a life filled with zest & vitality. 

Regan Johannesen

Regan Johannesen is a full-time Pilates instructor who has been teaching for 5 years and was certified through Body Arts and Science International.  After BASI, Regan completed a second comprehensive Pilates program with The Core Center.  Regan has done her continuing education with Michelle Larson of Core Dynamics and Rachel and Amy Alpers of The Pilates Center.  She also teaches a form of exercise called, “Sleek Physique”.  Sleek is designed to strengthen, tone, and stretch the body.  The exercises are similar to those of the Barre Method, Physique 57, and Tracy Anderson. 

Regan found Pilates after she tore her ACL skiing and it prevented her from marathon running, which she loved.  She used Pilates to rehabilitate her knee and lower back injury.  Regan was an athlete from a very young age which included: ballet, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, cheerleading, and running.  Now, she keeps active through Pilates, walking, yoga, sleek, and an occasional hike or cycle.  Regan can relate with clients of all levels from the elite athlete to the individual just starting to take interest in exercise.  She also specializes in injury, especially lower back.

When Regan is not teaching Pilates, she spends here free time being active, enjoying music, movies, and cooking at home spending as much time as possible with her amazing French Bulldog, King Louie I.

Amy Layton-Certified Instructor-

Lisa LeMasters

Lisa received her Pilates certification from Core Dynamics and has been teaching Pilates since 2005. She began studying  Pilates in 1999 with Melissa at the suggestion of a ballet instructor as a way to strengthen her dancing.  In 2003, Lisa replaced her weekly ballet lessons with Pilates due to chronic tendonitis. Her injuries began to heal immediately and she was hooked!  Lisa now continues to study ballet and began to teach Pilates to share the benefits she experienced. Lisa is also a registered architect and company manager/performer for Pages to Pirouettes, a not-for-profit dance company dedicated to bringing the art of story ballet to children of all ages.

Lisa Rose Moore

Lisa’s movement background includes a long history of gymnastics, cheerleading, and modern dance.  Pilates came as a suggestion from a former dance teacher to add variety to her routine.  She loved how she felt as a result of her workouts and its ability to transform her body.  With this passion for Pilates, Lisa decided to begin a comprehensive certification program to become an instructor.

After graduating from Washington University with a degree in Marketing, Lisa moved to Minneapolis for a job opportunity.  It was while working full-time that Lisa received her Pilates certification through Centerspace Pilates Studio, a licensed teacher-training center of The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.  She began working at the Clayton Pilates Studio in August 2007.  She is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and bringing a renewed sense of energy and focus to the studio each day.

Lisa has continued her Pilates education through advanced training and continuing education workshops from teacher trainers through The Pilates Center as well as Core Dynamics Pilates.  She teaches privates, semi-privates, as well as mat and reformer classes throughout the week.  Lisa is married and lives in University City with her husband and two dogs.


Kathleen Moulder

Kathleen's introduction to Pilates came through a continuing education course as a physical therapist in 2000. Over the next few years, she took Pilates certification courses becoming certified in mat, rehab reformer and chair. Kathleen utilized these skills in the clinical setting in Healthsouth and Select Medical Clinics rehabbing a variety of medical diagnosis. In 2009, she enrolled in the course by Core Fit at Clayton Pilates and passed the National certification test given by the Pilates Method Alliance in spring 2010. Although she continues to maintain her physical therapy license, she spends the majority of her time teaching Pilates.

Kristen Schaffenberger-Certified Instructor

Amy Weigel

As a result of receiving a gift certificate to a local studio, Amy Weigel discovered Pilates in 1999 and was extremely intrigued by the method because it was different from any form of exercise she had tried before.  The balance created in the body and the strong mind/body aspect still continues to challenge and interest her.  After taking lessons for four years, Amy had the opportunity to enroll in the Pilates Unlimited teaching training program and decided to pursue it initially to obtain a greater understanding about the Pilates method.  She completed her certification in 2005 and found that she enjoyed teaching and sharing the Pilates method with others.  Amy also has a degree in Accounting and an MBA and currently divides her time between teaching Pilates and working in the healthcare industry.

Where We Are

The Clayton Pilates Studio is located at 8240 Forsyth Blvd., just south of Maryland Avenue in the heart of the Clayton business district. Conveniently located near Shaw park, we are walking distance from most Clayton offices. There is metered parking available along the front of the building with additional parking in the Garage, directly across the street from CPS. CPS will be happy to validate garage parking.

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